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GPS Fleet Tracking, Messaging And Navigation

Navman Wireless Drive

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With our GPS fleet tracking, messaging and navigation solution, Navman Wireless Drive, you’ll always have the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to keep employees and customers in the loop – and your bottom line booming.

Navman Wireless Drive comes pre-installed on the M-Nav 950, a fully integrated GPS vehicle tracking, messaging and satellite navigation solution in one package. Interfacing with the Qube, Qtanium and DIRECTOR it provides you with a range of tools and delivers the latest in-vehicle technology for your fleet.

Navman Wireless Drive Features and Benefits:

  • Navigation and Routing for individual or job-related destinations including overspeed alerts to drivers
  • Two-Way Messaging for instant driver-dispatch communication and manager-based routing messages for immediate in-cab updates within every selected vehicle
  • Truck Attribution Data enables drivers to enter a truck profile for specific road guidelines, such as size and weight restrictions, road regulations and day/night mode
  • Engine Monitoring System (EMS)* allows drivers the ability to see their current speed, RPM, fuel or oil pressure, providing insight into engine performance
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) stipulated by the M-Nav can be displayed on DIRECTOR
  • Message Recording sent to and from vehicles, whether read or not
  • Driver ID Tool available for reporting and WH&S
  • Paperless, customisable forms for receiving and tracking job information such as customer contacts or billing information
  • Signature Capture enables drivers to collect and submit delivery confirmations and signatures right from the field
    *EMS requires a Data Capture Unit

GPS Fleet Tracking, Messaging and Navigation > saves you time and money

  • Fixed price messaging between the office and M-Nav 950 will reduce phone bills
  • Messaging allows for accurate communication, reducing misunderstandings or missed information
  • Routing keeps your staff moving, hence no more wasted time getting lost, reading maps or going the long way
  • The M-Nav 950 will sound an alert when a new message is received. So no more interruptions on the job answering calls, checking voicemail or missing messages
  • Driver identification functionality matches drivers to vehicles for accurate reporting
  • Over speed alerts will warn drivers when speed limits have been exceeded

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