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Navman Wireless DIRECTOR

GPS Software Simplified

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Navman Wireless DIRECTOR

Navman Wireless DIRECTOR – GPS Software Simplified

Navman Wireless DIRECTOR is the next leap forward in fleet management software. Designed to be simple and accessible, this platform allows companies to gain efficient management habits while reducing their operating costs and increasing overall revenue. The software adapts to the needs of fleets of any size and helps businesses to create bigger and better success stories every day.

Navman Wireless DIRECTOR offers a range of product features, including:

Interactive Mapping
Interactive Mapping provides fleet location data to help users manage, filter and follow their vehicles in real-time. Navman Wireless DIRECTOR utilises Google Maps to instantly show job sites or vehicle locations right from the map. A Google-powered universal search bar helps find locations through address, latitude and longitude, and points of interest.

Driver Behavior Management
The Driver Behavior Management tool is a collection of customised reports that showcase vital fleet statistics, such as fuel consumption, safety behavior and productivity levels. The feature measures a variety of metrics that allow businesses to gain insight into their fleet, such as braking, speed, idle time, PTO time, diagnostic information, activity replays and driver identification data.

Enhanced Dispatch Features
Enhanced Dispatch Features offer custom messages and forms that provide information ranging from job numbers to delivery statuses right from the field. The feature helps track equipment maintenance, service jobs, and boosts efficiency by auto-completing suggested addresses and populating a map preview with a drag-and-drop pin.

Sites and Alerts
Sites and Alerts is a geo-fencing feature where users can draw borders around a targeted location and manage all driver behavior within those limits. Sites in Navman Wireless DIRECTOR are drawn via polygon and rectangular shapes directly on Google Maps and can be color-coded based on location type. A site can be quickly altered, redrawn and saved with no restriction on size and shape.

Reporting and Analysis
Reporting and Analysis offer organisational tools to view fleet performance information, such as fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, speed analysis and location summaries. Users can quickly monitor custom views of a fleet, by selecting specific groups of vehicles or drivers to view robust data within identified fields.

Maintenance Module
The Maintenance Module ensures businesses never miss an inspection, renewal, tire rotation or oil change again. The built-in module offers a powerful way to help optimise service schedules and keep fleets maintained to high standards through robust maintenance reporting.

Safety Analytics
Safety Analytics gives users an unprecedented view of driver behaviour. Comprised of two features, the Event Viewer and Driver Scorecards, Safety Analytics gives businesses a complete picture of safety on the road by measuring performance trends and identifying specific areas for improvement. Click here to learn more about this feature.

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