Monitor, manage, and communicate with your fleet in real-time, reducing your operating expenses and improving your productivity.

Navman Wireless fleet tracking solutions ensure you will always have business critical information at hand – whether you have two or two thousand vehicles. How can fleet tracking help you discover cost savings?

  • Better visibility into areas of waste & inefficiencies
  • Track your fleet routes, idle time, & fuel usage
  • Improve payroll, customer service and dispatching of your fleet

See How Fleet Tracking
Can Boost Your Profit!

Why Navman Wireless?

Get Real-Time Data from your Fleet

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Track Fuel Usage

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Reduce your Costs

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You’re In the Driver’s Seat.
Get Real-Time Data From Your Fleet

Our customer service levels have improved significantly and we are achieving real cost savings, particularly around our fuel usage and increased productivity. Navman Wireless has become a valuable part of our business. Quotes

– John Glass, General Manager, Rogers Transport ($150,000 extra revenue per year)

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In any decision-making role, you need accurate information. Navman Wireless provides data to help you realize the cost savings that you never knew before. Accurate timesheets and improved productivity reduce overtime and payroll costs.

Identify fuel usage waste from unplanned routes or unauthorized use. Save on fuel, prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and be wiser about your team of drivers.

Surpass Your Competitors with Elite Customer Service

Happy customers bring more business. With Navman Wireless fleet tracking solutions, you have immediate access to essential information for your customers. Exceed customer expectations and go above and beyond your competitors.

9 out of 10 customers rate Navman Wireless above average

9 out of 10 customers report they have improved management control

“Working with Navman Wireless has allowed us to improve our service levels and better manage our administrative and maintenance functions, while improving overall productivity.” – Snap-on-Tools

Increase Productivity per vehicle and Reduce your costs 10% annually.

93% of our customers have noted their system paid
for itself within on year – if not sooner.

Get the most from your company’s assets, by making sure each journey is the shortest, the quickest and the most efficient.

A productive fleet is also a fuel efficient fleet – 93% of our customers have seen our system pay for itself within one year – if not sooner.

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See how fleet tracking can boost your profit!

Get real-time data from your fleet.

Get the advantage of better visibility into areas of waste & inefficiencies


Track fuel usage.

Track your fleet routes, idle time, and fuel usage with real-time data


Reduce your costs

Improve payroll, customer service, and dispatching of your fleet so you can make wiser decisions


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