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OnlineAVL2 & Qube

With technology evolving rapidly, it’s no longer enough just to know where your fleet is. If you really want a clear picture of your business, you need a fleet-tracking solution that gathers critical data and helps you make fundamental changes that affect your bottom line.

Navman Wireless fleet tracking tools provide GPS tracking of your entire fleet around the clock, while OnlineAVL2, our proprietary software suite, combines with fleet tracking hardware to facilitate Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence.

  • Complete Transparency – Our reliable, tamper-proof fleet tracking products ensure that the data captured is accurate, so you know as much – if not more – about your fleet’s activity as you would if you were right there on the job with it
  • Reduce Waste – Unnecessary idling, excessive overtime and unauthorised use of your vehicles and equipment cost you money. Detect and remedy these practices in real time fleet tracking by using OnlineAVL2.
  • Improve Customer Service – Customers are happy when they’re kept in the loop. Acquire the info you need to give more accurate ETAs, quotes and invoices
  • Boost Efficiency – Keep your team working at 100%. Get the insight you need to refine routes, increase worker productivity, evaluate vehicle utilisation and schedule maintenance appropriately
  • Improve Driver Performance – Have your drivers log in at every terminal and gain access to their specific behaviour and activity through Driver ID.
  • Easy Billing – Add your fleet management solution to your monthly Telstra bill.
  • Integrated Use – Combine OnlineAVL2 with the Qube tracking device for tracking only or add the MDT-860 for messaging or M-Nav 800 for messaging and navigation
  • Satellite Communication – Combine with our Satellite Communications solution to monitor your fleet even when out of mobile coverage.
  • Obtain Peace of Mind – Gain control of your fleet’s speeding violations and address issues with firm, easy to understand reports.

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